Wednesday Web Crawl: Facebook Relationships, Hatboy and How Frozen Should Have Ended


I’ve always liked this quote, so I decided to start something new on the blog and devote one post a week to featuring my favorite finds from around the web.

So okay… here goes… drum roll please… Welcome to the first edition of the Fab After Forty Wednesday Web Crawl


Here are my fab web finds for the week:

1. Must-read blog: Here’s What A Healthy Relationship With Facebook Looks Like 

If you’re addicted to social media, or if you find that your Facebook experience gives rise to too many negative feelings… 




… then you should probably check out this post by Sarah Bobotz on Huffpo. And then maybe bookmark it so you can check on yourself every so often. 

I was happy to discover that my own relationship with Facebook was pretty healthy, but even then it still encouraged me to cut back a little more, and I’m glad I did. Because, you know.. this:


RIGHT??? Okay, next up…

2.  Awesome Art: Hatboy (aka Vaughn Pinpin)

I’ve been following a lot of new artists on Tumblr this week, so my feed is just such a delight now. Tumblr artists are amazing!!! Here’s my featured follow for the week, who also happens to be a fellow Filipino.

Hatboy (or Vaughn) first caught my attention with this


I don’t know, man… it just felt like his art was really speaking to me, you know? 


Hehe. :)  Here’s another one I really liked:


 You can see more of his work on his Tumblr, or over at Society6.

3. Viral video: How Frozen Should Have Ended 

I’m actually really sick of Frozen at this point but I love all the HISHE (How It Should Have Ended) videos, and this is no exception. Check it out.

Maybe after watching this, we can all finally just LET IT GO. :)

Happy hump day everyone, and happy long weekend, Philippines!

Buh-Bye, Joffrey

The very first Game of Thrones-related blog I ever wrote was a post called "Die, Joffrey, Die!" — which started with a pic of him being pelted with poop.


(Not my art, got this from here)

So naturally I was “WOOHOO!”-ing with the rest of the world last night when the little prick finally met his Maker (who was, undoubtedly, Satan).

I would like to note for the record, however, that the way I imagined Joffrey’s death a year ago (in a showdown with Daenerys) was slightly more satisfying.





Anyhoo… moving on.  So yeah, I should’ve been dancing around, all “Joffrey is dead! Joffrey is dead!” for hours, but after the episode ended I found myself strangely bereft. 

Sure, there are other people to hate on GoT, but none of them are quite as universally despicable. Joffrey (played to perfection by Jack Gleeson) was the perfect villain… someone we all - without exception - loved to hate.


Hating him felt like a team effort or something. Because if there’s anything that really brings people together, it’s shared rage against a bully in need of a good bitchslapping. 


So yes, surprisingly, I actually feel quite sad now that Joffrey is gone. I won’t really miss him, but I’ll certainly miss hating on him with everyone else. 

Sigh. Oh well. Rest well in hell, Joffrey Baratheon. And BRAVO and best of luck to you, Jack Gleeson. You really did play the part perfectly. May you find a peaceful place to retire where people don’t want to punch you in the face all the time. 


Cheers! :)

Why You Should Write Every Day (Especially When You Don’t Feel Like It)

I haven’t been writing for the blog a whole lot because I’m always drawing blanks these days when it comes to picking a topic. That, or I’m just too lazy and/or tired. 


Or I don’t know, it could be because I’m on a diet.


Though this diet really shouldn’t be an excuse, because I keep breaking it anyway…


Plus I actually like my diet food (when I’m not cheating) so no, as much as I’d like to, I really can’t claim lack of inspiration due to food deprivation. 


So yeah, no idea who or what kidnapped my blogging mojo, and who knows if I have the ransom required to get it back…


So I figured I should just write anyway. About nothing. And maybe see if it turns into something. 

Because according to my imaginary BFF Neil Gaiman and almost every other writer I admire, if you only write when you’re inspired, then you’re not really much of a writer, are you? 

Also, even if you end up writing crap (and just disguising a shameful lack of content with an assortment of cutesy doodles) the exercise of writing still does more good than bad.

Here are a couple of reasons why:

1. Writing begets writing.

Chuck Wendig has a great blog about this, where he says,

Writer means writing. Even if it’s just a moment in the narrative, even if it’s just one thought orchestrated and set gently on the page. An avalanche is snowflakes. An ocean is all droplets. Our life is measured in seconds, our work measured in words, and so you have to put the words down.

The act creates momentum. Writing begets writing begets writing.

Every journey begins with a small step, and all that. To get anywhere, you need to just START. And to get better at anything, you must keep going. This applies to any skill, really. The more you do it, the easier it comes to you. 

2. Writing every day forces you think — and it trains you to look for things that you wouldn’t normally notice were there. 


I think one of the best things I’ve learned so far this year is that you can actually TRAIN yourself to be happy and more positive — and writing can play a large part in this. 

I don’t know if you see all these #100HappyDays or #365Grateful posts on Facebook and Instagram, but they’re all over my feeds. There’s a reason that they work so well (IF you’re able to complete the challenges).

When you make it a habit to record something positive about your day, you train your brain “to retain a pattern of scanning the world, not for the negative, but for the positive first.” 

Amazing. And while you write about a happy or positive experience, your brain actually relives it.



And HAH! How awesome is THIS? My blog post about nothing actually ended up having a point. (Two points, in fact!)


What do you know. Chuck Wendig was right. Writing begets writing begets writing

All you need to do… is start. :)

RIP, Archie

GASP! I just found out that Archie’s gonna die!  Apparently he’s going to die some heroic death, saving the life of a friend in “Life with Archie ” #36 coming out this July. 

Wow. I’m so much more upset about this than I thought I’d be. Especially since the last time I saw Archie, he was pissing me off a little bit. 

Seriously. I haven’t read Archie in ages, so to see him like 30 years later, STILL stringing Betty and Veronica along?? Committing what looks like BIGAMY?? WTH, man.

I’m sure there was a reasonable explanation for this scandalous cover inside, but I didn’t read it. If you have, please enlighten me.  


See, that’s the thing. I read Archie comics A LOT as a kid. Loved them. But I never really liked him all that much. 

I think it mostly had to do with that whole Betty-Veronica love triangle business. Honestly? I didn’t think he was hot enough to pull it off. 

So yeah, I’m not really sure why I’m mourning him now. End of an era, I guess. It’s always sad to realize that something or someone from your childhood will be gone forever. 

Well, not forever-forever. Apparently Archie only dies in the “Life with Archie” series. He’ll live on in other versions of Archie comics. So phew. 

But still.  I’m feeling pretty melancholy nevertheless. So RIP Archie. Know that you are missed. More than expected. 

Now I should probably find out whatever happened to Tintin and Asterix

… because if they’ve been killed off too, I don’t think I’ll be able to handle it.  

Asterix and Tintin pic via

My New Addiction: Threes




Or join me if you want. You will either love me or hate me for introducing it to you. 

You can read more about it here. I mean I’d explain it and all but I’m kind of busy — and will probably continue to be for the next few hours.. or ummm, days or so…


Check it out! It’s not free, but it’s well worth the $1.99 you’ll have to dish out for it. Enjoy! :)