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The Biggest Loser Contest

I’m joining my office’s Biggest Loser Contest because I really need some major diet and exercise action. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m seriously packing on the pounds, man! It’s pretty wild. 


So yeah, seeing that I’m an obvious candidate for any form of weight loss challenge, I figured it would be pretty off to pass when the office set one up. 


LOL. The nerve.

So yeah, I’m definitely in, and I am in to WIN, man! By fair means or foul, it seems. Because it’s barely begun and I’m already being all nefarious and sneaky and trying to make myself as heavy as possible for the first weigh-in.


I may or may not have also dropped around a few hints that I would not be averse to sharing the prize money with people who regularly tempted my strongest competitors with food and/or fattening drinks. 

I do realize it’ll take much more than just this to make me win the challenge, of course, so if you have any good tips, please send them my way! And be warned… since I’ll be all food-deprived and stuff over the next 3 months, I might be a little cranky and/or extra annoying.



I’ll try not to be though. :D  Wish me luck!

Why Everyone Should Have a Creative Side Project

I was sorting through stuff to throw/give away/sell this weekend, and I came across a shizload of yarn I bought when I lasted visited my BFF Mia in San Francisco.


Yup. A little exagg. You see, I was pretty sure I’d need a ton of yarn for all the knitting I was planning to do when I got home. Mia was not quite as convinced.


Hobby Hitler. Anyway 3 years later, it seems she was right. I knit like half a scarf for her husband when I first got my supplies, and that was pretty much the extent of my knitting career.


Now that I’ve found all the yarn again, though, I’m considering giving it another go. And not just to prove Mia wrong (though that’s always a fun incentive :)) but because I really do think everyone needs some sort of creative side project. I’ve always believed this, but I recently read an article on the Psychology of Side Projects which cited studies that actually proved it.

Go check the article out, because it’s really very interesting. If you’re too lazy though, here’s the gist: It turns out that embarking on a fun, purely-for-passion side project can actually make you happier, more creative and more productive at your day job… so much so that companies like Google actually incorporate “side project time” into their regular work hours.

When Google began its famous 20 percent rule (employees could spend 20 percent of their time exploring fun, passionate side projects), the result was a more productive, more creative 80 percent. Side projects boosted work performance.

Cool, huh? It should probably be noted though that although employees could work on whatever they wanted during the 20%, the side projects would need to advance Google in some way. 


Creative side projects and hobbies can make you happier and feel more fulfilled outside of work as well. There’s a lot of satisfaction to be gained from the little victories that short-term side projects (and creating things, in general) can provide. If you’ve ever had a cool side project or hobby, you’ll know this to be true. 

In our society leisure is used as an “escape” from work. “Escapism” in this respect means that people do not seek meaningful leisure activities for their own growth and development, but instead resort to passive activities to escape from everyday strains and problems. Such behavior is frequently associated with a passive lifestyle and boredom, which in turn might feed into apathy and depression.

Side projects and creative hobbies help stop this cycle and nurture a more creative and fulfilling version of down time.

In other words, there’s R&R, and there’s being a total sloth.


The latter isn’t so great for you in the long run. Rest/recovery that’s also productive (but in a fun way) is much better. So if you don’t already have a fun and creative side project going on, go start one! The more different it is from your day job or regular activities, the better! 


There are tons of things you can do, and even more that you can learn, so go for it. Sky’s the limit, baby. Enjoy! 

What to Do When Your Worries Come True

I see a lot of my friends using that TimeHop app, which digs up and posts your pics and updates from this date last year, and it always kills me to see how fast time flies.


Honestly, doesn’t last year feel like 5 minutes ago?? Geez, man.

Anyway I don’t have the app, but I feel like Timehopping anyway.. So here goes. This time last year I was recovering from a D&C


…and very determinedly NOT worrying about the biopsy results that would tell me whether or not the shady shiz they found on my cervix was cancer. 


If you’re a regular reader (or just anyone who knows me), you’ll know that it actually did turn out to be the big C


You know how people tell you “See? You were worrying for nothing!” when your fears DON’T materialize? Yeah well, this was the exact opposite situation. :D


Yup, kind of a bummer, that. I remember joking around then and saying ‘Heh. Maybe I should’ve worried…” but did I really regret not worrying or preparing for that possibility? Not even a little bit.

I said this then, and I still stand by it today… Worrying is uselessAll it does is rob you of the joy you could be experiencing today.

Anyhoo, after a successful surgery a month later, this particular cancer story actually had a happy ending… so phew.


It’s an ongoing story though, with possibly scary new chapters every time I go for a checkup. But I try not to think about it unless I absolutely have to.  Because really… what’s the point?

The truth is that in life, there will ALWAYS be things to worry about. And let’s not fool ourselves. There’s a very real possibility that the things we worry about actually could come to pass. But you know what? That doesn’t mean we can’t choose joy anyway

If there’s anything I’ve learned in the past 365 days, it’s that:

  1. In some cases, even the worst expected outcomes don’t turn out to be as bad as we originally thought; and
  2. There are moments of happiness and things to be grateful for in every situation, no matter how dire or depressing. Don’t waste them by allowing the negative stuff to take their place. 


Go off in search of the joyful and the good today, my friends. Cheers!

The Kim Kardashian Game is Like Crack


I was on hermit mode pretty much all weekend because dammit, I did it again. I went and got myself addicted to another game.

Sigh. Karma’s a bitch, man. This is what I get for laughing so hard at an article I read about how the Kim Kardashian game was poised to make $200 million in profits this year.


Next scene…


And a little bit later…


WTF?? It’s like CRACK!

Okay fine, how would I know. I’ve never actually been addicted to drugs. But I imagine the resulting amount of self-loathing is the same.

I mean, let’s not even get into how it teaches some pretty messed up life values. I’m hardly an impressionable teen, after all. Plus it’s a game, so everyone just relax. But even without a list of things to condemn, there’s a lot to just… ridicule.

Like, I don’t know … the fact that some of the clothes COST MORE THAN A BEACH HOUSE IN MIAMI?? Ridonkulous.

Or how pretty early on in the game, Kim sets you up with someone who looks (or at least dresses) exactly like Kanye. Hmm. Actually, I have an issue with almost all the dudes in this game. Because geez. Check em out.


My KK character’s pretty slutty, tbh, but I have yet to come across one guy that I would actually date in real life. Plus why does it seem like I’m always the one paying on these dates? WTH?

And then there’s my main complaint, which is how limited - and MIND-NUMBINGLY DULL - the job options in the game seem to be.


I could actually go on and on with the comments but what’s the point? In spite of my issues, I still can’t for the life of me seem to quit!!


Damn you, Kim Kardashian.

So there you go. If you haven’t fallen into the Kim Kardashian app trap yet… BE WARNED. Stay away or you might just suffer the same fate. But hey, if you want to try it out, be my guest. Because misery loves company and all that. :D

If you want to try it, the Kim Kardashian game is available on both Apple and Android. Bear in mind though that to play, you’ll need a network connection at all times. Apparently it doesn’t work without one.


I’m at the pathetic addiction stage where I have check in and tap away every half hour or so - even when I’m in the car - so my data plan (Globe’s GoSurf) has come in pretty handy.

Anyway I’m hoping I’ll snap out of it soon, because I really do have a bunch of other (far more productive) things to do with my spare time. Like SLEEP.


Maybe I should try that now. Yup. After one last photo shoot… :)

Reader Request: Is Your Friend a Horrible Person?

I haven’t done any reader requests in a while, and since I need to take a work break — because seriously, I’m starting to look like this…

And because I got a really interesting RR yesterday, I figured now would be a good time to start up again. So here goes. This came to me as a comment on a previous blog post.

My first reaction, as I imagine most people’s would be, was this.

This is not something friends say to each other, my dear. 

Like you, I tend to make a lot of allowances for growly/grumpy people who are going through a rough patch, because I’ve been there myself once or twice. And when we’re having a rough time, we tend to take it out on the people closest to us.

Okay, don’t even feel sorry for my husband because he does exactly the same to me. And much more often, btw.

So yes, I do have quite a bit of experience with this. Unhappy people are like wounded bears. Come too close, and you’re likely to get your head torn off. They’re in pain, and they don’t know how to handle it, and this makes them angry at the world, and nasty and sometimes completely irrational.

Are they horrible people? Not necessarily. But they can do some horrible things.  And while we can understand this and make some excuses for their behavior, there’s only so much slack we can and should cut them. At some point you need to walk away and let them sort it out on their own or find some other scratching post to swipe at.

Be kind, be supportive, let your friend know you’re there for him if he ever wants to talk… but don’t take any of his shit. Remember, people are only ever as abusive and nasty as we allow them to be. 

Hope this helps! Cheers! 

p.s. I would love to credit whoever made that awesome “OMG all the fingers!” gif up there, that I swiped off Goodreads, but I cannot seem to find the artist. If you know, please let me know! Thanks!