The Rules for Being Amazing

Not much time (or energy) to blog today for several reasons. First, I’m seriously sleepy. Because BOOKS. 


Second, I left all my styluses at home, which means I’m drawing everything with my finger. 


And third… it’s GAME OF THRONES DAY!!! 


…and I really can’t concentrate on much else. I just want to go home already and WAAATCH! In fact I’ve been whistling/humming the GoT theme all day. Seriously. Can’t get it out of my head. 


So yeah… maybe I’ll blog tomorrow. :)

In the meantime, here’s something awesome from Somewhere over the Rainbow: A lovely chalkboard poster of The Rules for Being Amazing by Robin Sharma


Read, review, reflect… and then go off and be amazing. 

Happy new week, everyone! Cheers! :)

Image credit: GoT poster by Chris Bishop 

Some of you may be too young to get the reference, but whatevs. :) Happy weekend!

Two-Word Wisdom from the Interwebz

I asked this question in yesterday’s blog


…and HA! OMG! I got so many great answers from all over the interwebz!


I decided to put my faves all together in one place so everyone could benefit from all the two-word wisdom, so here you go. They’re like little bite-sized messages of wisdom and encouragement. Love ‘em. Enjoy!

From the Fabstagram:



And this - my Fabstagram fave:



Here are some from Facebook:

And a couple more from Twitter:



And this one - MY ABSOLUTE FAVE! - is from the comments of yesterday’s blog:


Double awww.. 


Anything to add? Go for it. Cheers! :)

Ok this is just awesome. A Thousand Years (Piano/Cello Cover) by the Piano Guys. 

Two-Word Note to Self

My friend Megan posted this question on her wall, and I thought it would make for a fun survey today:


My own answer, of course, would be my motto:


Of course my younger self was kind of an idiot, so I’m not actually sure she would’ve gotten the message as it was intended. 

Because KIDS. Especially boy-crazy kids. BAH. I suppose I could make it “Be happy!” instead, but it isn’t quite the same, and what kid ever listens when you tell them to be happy anyway? So hmmm… Maybe I should change to something else.

This “only 2 words” business is harder than it seems, though. How do you even choose the the message that matters most?


And then condense into just two words??? That’s okay for some things, I guess, but how do you actually shrink an important life lesson to that size, and still make sure that younger you gets the point you’re trying to make? 


Really not as easy as I originally thought. 

YOU try it! What would you write in your two-word note to your younger self? Leave it in the comments. Your younger self might not need the advice anymore, but hey, you never know… someone else just might. :)

Happy April Fools’ Day!

I had a whole new blog post planned for today, but I got distracted by all these people falling for other people’s lame attempts to trick them on Facebook.

COME ON. Check the calendar, folks. 

Anyhoo, I’ll be back with a new post soon, but in the meantime, here are a few of my favorite fool-related quotes to tide you over. 

Happy day, my fellow fools! Cheers! :)

3 Really Good Reasons to Quit Worrying


It occurred to me today that I’ve been spending a lot of time the past few months worrying unnecessarily. I don’t know if it’s because I recently turned another year older, or because I got sick last year, but it’s crazy, man.  

Some of my worries are pretty normal for someone of my age and experience, I think…


But some are really plain ridic, and just figments of my overactive imagination. Like this picture I have in my head of what’ll happen when I have to go get an MRI sometime next month.

Crazy, I tell you. But it’s seriously stressing me out! 

The thing is, worrying is a lot like smoking. Nasty habit. You know you shouldn’t do it, it’s bad for you, and everyone tells you to quit, but it’s just so hard to give up. 

In spite of that, I’m pretty determined to get off this roundabout ride I’ve been taking on the Worrywarts Express. I’m done. Enough is enough. And hey, I was able to quit smoking (6 months so far! Woohoo!) so I figure I should be able to quit worrying too.

I just need a really good reason. So… I came up with 3. Here goes:

1. Worry is a terrible wing man.

If feelings were friends, Worry would be that Debbie Downer constantly clamjamming your hot and heavy date with destiny. 

So basically, being a constant worrier is like being your own most toxic friend. Enough already. I think it’s important to constantly remind ourselves that whether we worry or not, the outcome will be the same. The only difference will be how much or how little we enjoyed the journey there. 

2. There’s a big difference between worry and concern. 

You might argue that it’s foolish not to think of possible negative outcomes, and honestly, you’d be right. But as Harold Stephens once said, “There is a great difference between worry and concern. A worried person sees a problem, and a concerned person solves a problem.” 

So, so true. Worry achieves nothing. It’s like Concern’s whiny, lazy cousin. I’ll be the first to admit that the future is kind of scary. But it helps no one to just sit there and stay afraid. DO something to make that fear go away. 

3. You attract what you put out there.

You know how people always say “Be careful what you wish for?” Well, if you really think about it, worrying is a lot like wishing — but for negative outcomes… which I think we can all agree is pretty stupid and self-destructive.

I really do believe that the kind of energy you release into the world is the kind you get back. Like begets like. So THINK POSITIVE. BE Positive, and the good vibes you put out there will find their way back to you. 

That is all. Have a wonderful and worry-free day, friends!

 Cheers! :)

Every Scar Tells a Story

I went for my 6-months-after-surgery checkup yesterday and WOOHOO! So far, so good and still cancer-free, baby! I’ll need an MRI at some point to confirm, but it seems like I’m all clear. Well except for my crazy-big (and disturbingly crooked) scar, of course. 


Yup the scar on my tummy’s kind of long and unevenly raised — and yes, crooked, which is a bit of a bummer… especially since after yesterday’s examination it turns out that I have like, zero scarring in there. (You know - where my cervix used to be. Please don’t make me say it out loud. :)) 


Note: I realize that a speculum or whatever OB/gynes use to check you in there looks nothing like a magnifying glass. Or maybe it does, I wouldn’t know. It’s not as if I’m all "Hey doc, whatcha doin’ down there? Lemme see, lemme see!!" when the doctor’s doing an exam. I don’t know about you, but I always just try to pretend the whole embarrassing incident isn’t happening at all. 


Anyway WHATEVS. Point is, no scars where no one would see them anyway, but big-ass scar on the outside. BAH. Stupid keloid-creating family genes. 

Oh well. Better a scar than cancer, right? So it’s okay. I’ll take it. Besides, if you take the whole vanity aspect out of the situation, scars are actually pretty cool.


That’s right. And the bigger your scar, the more badass you are. 

So although I’m still planning to see what’s available out there in terms of scar-beautification (tips are welcome!), I’m really not looking to make it disappear. The way I see it, my scar is a bookmark in the story of my life — and as stressful and scary as that cancer chapter was, it taught me things about love, and life, and family, and friendship that I hope never to forget. 

So yeah, screw vanity. Every scar tells a story, and this one is pretty epic (for me, at least). So feel free to stick around, scar. I’ve always found imperfection interesting, anyway. :)