The 8/8/8 Rule for Living a Balanced Life

My Sunday Sadness Sydrome started early today. It’s not even mid-morning and I’ve already fast-forwarded to Stage 4.

I am however looking forward to showing my boss this study I recently read about how spending long hours at work increases your risk of heart disease by up to 80%

Because really… how great an excuse is that to get off work early?

I kid, of course. My boss doesn’t even care how many hours I work as long as I get stuff done. I’M the idiot workaholic who sets stupidly long hours for myself.

Well, no longer!!!

Life’s too short. I think it’s time to bring some balance into my life, so I’m planning to follow this 8/8/8 thing I learned from a lady I met in Australia last year. It’s pretty simple, really…

There are 24 hours in a day. Divide them equally into work, sleep and play.

Don’t even ask me why I drew a hula hoop, I have no idea. I haven’t hula-hooped since I was… 8. 

I’m assuming of course that this 8/8/8 thing doesn’t apply to weekends, because I’m totally planning to go all 12/12 sleep and play on Saturdays and Sundays no matter what ANYONE says.

Umm, yeah I don’t really swing either. But you get the drift. It’s all about balance, baby. 

So okay, I’m off to plan my new balanced life, because my hours are seriously messed up. How are YOUR 24-hour days divided? I’m curious. Feel free to share in the comments section.

Happy Sunday to all!

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