52 Things I Loved About Fifty Shades of Chicken


I know, I know. I’m writing about something Fifty-Shades-related again. But hey, this one’s a good review for a change, and I couldn’t say no to my friend Michelle’s reader request:


Besides, how can anyone NOT want to check out a 50 Shades parody written from the point of view of a young free-range hen?? Which, btw, also doubles as cookbook?? And has pictures of sexy chef abs?


I don’t know about you but it sounded pretty champ to me.  


In fact, Fifty Shades of Chicken is such a great book, I actually bought it straight off instead of shadily trying to find a pirated copy. It’s a keeper. And it would make a great gift too, if you’re still scrounging around for Christmas presents. 

Here’s why I loved it:


And not the unintentional ”OMG this book’s so stupid I think I’ll just laugh because the other option is to strangle myself” type of funny of the original book. It’s funny for real.


I mean first of all it’s written by a horny chicken, so that’s already a win, as far as I’m concerned. It’s littered with all sorts of ludicrous innuendo, as well as witty chicken and cooking puns, which just killed me.

I think it’ll still be funny even if you haven’t read 50 Shades of Grey, but if you have, all the Anastasia-isms will really crack you up. Also, lines like “Taters, baby.” So if, like me, you read FSoG and hated yourself, you can comfort yourself with the knowledge that if you hadn’t labored through it, you wouldn’t have appreciated the awesome Chicken version as much. 


Aside from the hilarious narration, the book also contains 50 luscious-looking chicken recipes, which I’m dying to try out. Partly because they sound really yummy, and mostly because the names are so naughty. :)


Some of the other recipes include: Dripping Thighs, Learning to Truss You, Erect Chicken, Cream-Slicked Chick, Sticky Fingers… you get the drift. :)

Maybe not something to share with Grandma, but good for a cackle with the gals. And confusing your husband. 


Forgive me, but I really do think food porn is the best kind of porn there is. So I love that the recipes also have droolworthy photos to match. Like this one. With BACON



So when you read the book, please note that you may actually find yourself a little conflicted at times… but in a good way.



Fine, maybe not so good if you’re on a diet. But whatevs - go check it out anyway! It’s a hoot. :)

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