Email, Anyone? Anyone? Okay Whatever.

Hey, guess what? I have a new email subscription thingy on my blog. 


I didn’t really think I needed one, because I personally never subscribe to blog subscription lists myself. I get WAY too much email already as it is.  But my friend Shelly posted a blog the other day called Your Tumblr Blog: Why I Hate It — and because I’m apparently pretty paranoid, I immediately assumed she was referring to mine. 


Okay, just so you know — she really wasn’t. 

Anyway Shelly’s main complaint about Tumblr blogs was that you couldn’t subscribe to them by email. And true enough, when I checked I realized this was true. (Well, for my theme and most others, at least. And I really don’t want to have to go and change.)

Shelly had a point. I kind of assumed that everyone was like me — I use Flipboard or Twitter to keep up with the blogs I like — but different people do have different preferences when it comes to their blog reading. And if you can accommodate them, why not, right? 

So HA! A challenge! I couldn’t resist. So that’s where my morning went. DONE. Try hatin’ on my Tumblr now, Shelly. :) 

I could go into the whole process of how I set it up and blahblahblah, but I’m sure most of you don’t really need this info. (If you do, just ask me. I used Mailchimp - because it’s all sorts of awesome).  And please don’t take this as a request to sign up if you really don’t have to. If you already have access to my posts via another channel ( Twitter, or my Facebook page, or a reader or whatever) - don’t bother.

But if you’re like Shelly and prefer the Inbox route — or if you just want to check out my mad email skillz, go for it.  Let’s be email buds. :)

Have a happy weekend, everyone!  

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