Death and Decision-Making

It’s my dad’s second death anniversary today so I’m feeling kind of weepy and don’t really feel much like blogging — or working at all, for that matter. 

Death sucks. And I don’t think you ever really get over losing a parent. Ever.

I always try to remind myself though that I was lucky because my dad lived a long, full life, so we had a lot of time together.  In recent weeks I’ve been hearing about a lot of young people passing away - some even younger than me - and I just feel so terribly sad for their families.

Death really sucks.

The one thing death is good for, though, is showing us our own lives in a different light. I do wonder - every single time someone passes away - when my own time will come, and the possibility that it could happen any time always puts my issues in perspective. 

We make different decisions when we think time is limited. And as morbid as that mindset might be, it’s a helpful one to have sometimes. We see the petty concerns we have for what they are, and we focus more on the the things that matter. 

What would you do different if you knew your time would be up soon? What decisions would you make today if tomorrow wasn’t a sure thing? It’s something worth thinking about.

I stole this quote off my friend Sergie’s wall this morning and it made me think even more. 

It’s true, you know. Your life - as long or short as it may be - really is the sum total of the choices you make. So make good ones, and quit wasting time on non-issues that won’t even matter a year from now.   

While you go ponder on that, I think I’ll choose to try and make today a happy, loving and productive one, in spite of the occasional secret urge to sob. Because death is a downer, but life goes on.  

Live it to the fullest, folks. :)

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