5 Social Media Mysteries I Just Don’t Understand

I’ve already established in previous posts that I spend way too much time online, so I think I can safely say that I’ve pretty much seen every type of social media update/behavior imaginable.  But I have to be honest and say that there are many that I just don’t understand. So I sometimes find myself looking at my monitor and asking in bafflement…


Take, for example, the ubiquitous Twitter horoscopes (or Twittascopes, if you want to be more accurate/annoying) that flood Twitter at certain times during the day. Yeah, I don’t get them. 


I get that some people like to read their horoscopes. What I don’t get is why they need to auto-tweet them.  What’s that about?  Please explain. 

Another similar (and maybe even more mystifying) type of auto-tweet I see a lot is the Twitter statistics tweet


Why would you want to put that out there?  If your stats are bad, you look kawawa. If your stats are good — well, how am I supposed to react? “Oh wow! You have 1000 retweets this week. You must be fascinating or super funny! I should follow you! OH WAIT… I ALREADY DO.” 

So again, I ask… 


And baffling behavior is not just a Twitter thing. Facebook shiz can be even more confusing. One thing I’ve always been curious about? Joint Facebook couple accounts.  


Look I’m not dissing them, I’m sure they have perfectly good reasons for choosing to be a single online entity. I just don’t know what those reasons are.  And I have to say, it really can be confusing, especially when they both update the account and you don’t know who the hell is talking.  

Another confusing Facebook phenomenon? People who ask you to like their page when (1) they barely know you, and/or (2) you have no frigging idea what their business is even about

That kills me. Telling me about your page is okay. But don’t ask me to like it straight off. That’s just weird and pushy.


I think the biggest mystery ever though — and one I will likely never really find an explanation for — is trolling.


Yeah,’ haters gonna hate’ and all that, but it’s important to point out, I think, that not every hater is a troll. Trolls are a whole different species. And you have to wonder, what made them that way? What kind of life experience turns out that particular brand of sorry behavior? 

I’m baffled, really. So if you have any explanations for any of the above, then please… Enlighten me.  

Aaand that’s it for me today. What confuses you? Let me know in the comments and let’s be baffled together.  :)

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