Temporarily Offline

I was attending a seminar yesterday (which continues today) - AND still working, fitting in emails and meetings in between and after sessions - so I haven’t really had much time to blog. Bit of a bummer for me, really, because apparently while I was temporarily offline yesterday, some weird shiz went down that I’d love to yak about.

Like In-n-Out burgers being served for a limited time at a crab restaurant yesterday (YUM - but a bit off, if you ask me) and Kris Aquino quitting showbiz (yeah, ok whatevs...)


But oh well, seminar and all that, so off(line) I go again. 


Be back soon. In the meantime, I just realized I haven’t done a Reader Request in a while, so feel free to Ask Me Anything and I’ll try and fit an answer in sometime soon.  

Have a fab Friday, folks!

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