Sex for Migraines — and Other Crazy Cures for Common Ailments

A lot of articles have come out in recent weeks about how sex can cure migraines, and while this seems like useful info, I’d like to ask the cheery researchers and reporters… OMG! HAVE YOU EVER HAD A MIGRAINE??

One side of your head feels like Thor and his mighty hammer have taken residence. You react to light like a vampire about to be incinerated by the sun. Annoying sounds make you want to destroy the earth with a hastily handcrafted bomb. Except you really, really want to hurl so you can’t make one. Believe me, sex is the last thing on your mind. 


So no, I don’t think I’ll be trying that miracle cure anytime soon. Pass.  Just like I think I’ll pass on another crazy cure I read about: drinking alcohol to relieve menstrual cramps.


Because while alcohol may relax uterine muscles - thereby (probably) relieving pain - I know from experience that this whole “muscle relaxing due to alcohol” scenario has OTHER effects that I’d rather not discuss here. Just think raging rapids. or Niagara Falls. Except a really gross version of that.  Enough said. Ew.

I am much more likely to try out these cures I found for one of the most common ailments of all… a bad mood.

The 30-second "Write and Throw" technique seems worth a shot…

… but this crazy Mini-Sombrero cure really sounds like a winner.


This really cracked me up.  And I swear I’m not making it up (though I do feel pretty bad that I didn’t invent it). It’s recommended by a life coach and everything, and when you read the explanation on Women’s Health, it makes great sense.

"Whether or not you like to wear a tiny hat, there’s a moral to the mini sombrero: We must move away from rash reaction and into a place of observation. Doing so clears us of judgement, sweeps the clouds from our thoughts, and allows us to see a situation for what it is and not the complicated story we’ve created in our minds.

This silly little hat is a physical reminder that our best option is always to smile. Sitting in the negative only buries us deeper, but infiltrating a sense of humor pulls us out of the gutter and back into our naturally optimistic state.

Next time you feel a meltdown coming on, stop, and breathe. Step outside of the situation and observe. Then slap a mini sombrero on your head and remember that laughter cures all.”  

Amen to that. And cheers to laughter, which I really do think is the best cure for everything that ails us. 

Happy weekend folks! :)

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