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So yesterday was kind of awesome, because Whee! My blog got featured on Chuvaness! If you’re not familiar with the Chuvaness blog, then I really don’t know what’s up with that, because Cecile van Straten (the lovely lady behind it) is kind of like the Empress of the Philippine Internet. So YAY!


I kind of knew that she was going to write a post about Fab After Forty because she was asking me some questions about it a while back (one of which led me to a bit of an identity crisis, btw). She also asked me for a cute photo, which also sent me into quite the tizzy because I really did not have one. We all know how I’ve been hiding from cameras the past few years, so all my recent pics are carefully orchestrated partials.


So yeah, if you see that photo on her blog, please bear in mind that it’s pretty old, and just mentally Photoshop to add 20 pounds or so.

I think she was also a little surprised when she once asked me about my readership and I gave her a guesstimate of how many people read my blog. I was kind of cringing and imagining her reaction to the modest figure to be something like this…


… but she was really nice about it, all “Oh? Okay, I think more people should read it.” And then off she went to be all sorts of awesome and Oprah-ish.


I lurve her. Thanks, Cecile!

The blogger community is pretty great. I never actually realized this until I started blogging last year, but in the past year I’ve made some really good blog buddies and I never fail to marvel at how supportive they can be — from sharing posts, to leaving comments, or adding links to their own blogs to lead to yours. It’s amazing. And really heartwarming.

If you really think about it, everyone’s a fairy blogmother  (or okay, blogfather). We all have our spheres of influence. They may not be large (like on a scale of 1 to Chuvaness, I’m maybe a 3. Um, on a good day.) but we all have  the ability to lift other writers up and share the good stuff around. And I for one am always happy to discover new blogs that I’ve never seen before. So let’s do it! 

Share the love, babies. Let’s all do a Chuvaness. If there’s a blog you like that you think other people should read, blog about it. Or tweet a link. Or feel free to share in the comments here. For my part, here are a few faves that I’ve mentioned in previous posts:

3 Blogs Like Mine, But Better


5 Fab Filipino Food Blogs


More to come. In the meantime, enjoy!  

Happy long weekend, everyone! 

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