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Shopping with Mrs. Scrooge, Lesson #2: Update Your List

Hey! It’s August! Where are we on our Christmas shopping? 

Hmmph. I knew it. 

Okay fine, I don’t have a lot of time to go all Christmas Hitler on you today, but here’s an assignment for you before we move on to the next installment of Mrs. Scrooge’s Shopping Guide: UPDATE YOUR LIST.  

This is important. Because things change.

The giddy recipients of last year’s ‘couples gifts’ may no longer be together.

And those kids who are forever 6 years old in your head? Yeah, they’re probably 18 by now.

So unless you want to be the gift-giver from hell… you may want to have a look at that old list right about now and get it up to date. 

Here’s a tip - just stalk everyone on Facebook. It’s amazing how much gift-giving intel you can gather in there. 

So GET CRACKING - and good luck!

Shopping w/ Mrs. Scrooge, Lesson #1: Food Is Good, But Fruitcakes Are Not an Option

Okay, so I’m finally ready to start with Mrs. Scrooge’s Shopping Guide. Because seriously folks… WINTER IS COMING. Ok fine. Not to the Philippines. But we do get Christmas anyway. And that’s even worse. 

So let’s jump right in, shall we?  

Lesson #1: Food gifts are always good. But I think I should make it clear right from the get-go that FRUITCAKES ARE NOT AN OPTION.

I don’t know where this whole fruitcake wtf-ery started, or how it ended up being a traditional Christmas gift, but it has got to STOP! OMG! Honestly — I know maybe only FOUR people (out of hundreds!!) who actually like fruitcakes. But I still suspect they’d rather receive a stapler for Christmas. 

So if, perchance, you were planning to go and give everyone a fruitcake this year, just bitchslap yourself right now and ABORT!!! Shame on you. There are so many other good food gift options to consider.

Start researching now, and I’m pretty sure you can find something fabulous. Just remember that whatever non-fruitcake food item you plan to give away should have both YUMMY VALUE and REGIFTING VALUE.

Allow me to illustrate.

YUMMY VALUE is what makes people want to keep your food gifts to themselves - and maybe even eat them straight out of the box as soon as they receive them. 

REGIFTING VALUE is what makes people appreciate your food gift anyway — even if they don’t eat it — because they can take the credit for its yummy value when they give it to someone else.

Because let’s admit it. Chances are medium to high that someone will just slap another card on your lovely food gift and pass it on to someone else. This is why I’m sometimes tempted to hide my gift card, just to mess regifters up. :P

But no, I usually resist. :)

So okay, that’s it for today. Start thinking! And researching! And if you have any good food gift suggestions, please do us all a solid and post it (with contact details) in the comments section. 

Happy taste-testing!

Mrs. Scrooge’s Shopping Guide, Part I

Hah! It’s July and I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping. Don’t assume this means I love Christmas or anything…because I DON’T! In fact, the hubby and I are quite shamefully Scroogey.

Here’s a typical Christmas season scene at Casa Diaz:

About 5 seconds later…

Hehe. Yeah, we’re horrible, I know. But really, you’d think the carolers would get the hint, seeing that our house is the only one on the street without decorations. Geez.

I suppose we’d be more gung-ho about it if we had kids, but then again, knowing us… maybe not.

So no, my scary efficiency with regard to Christmas shopping has nothing to do with any love for the season. It really has more to do with a love of SANITY.

…Because Christmas in the Philippines is CRAZY!!!

'Tis the season to be jolly, my ass.

This is why I prep early, and Christmas-shop all year round. By the time December comes along, I’m all “Ho hum, done with the gifts” — laughing at last-minute shoppers and making a killing being a gift scalper to people like my Mom. 

This happens every. single. year.

Back in the day, I even used to have a little side business called “Santa’s Sister” where I’d Christmas shop for other people. Yeah, I kinda fancied myself as a sexy little do-gooding elf —which was fun, but sorry… I no longer have the time or inclination — and these days I’d probably be mistaken for Mrs. Claus instead (if not the big man himself).

So scrap that idea.

Instead, in an attempt to help you crazy panic-buyers out, I’ll be posting a bunch of helpful Christmas shopping tips over the next few days. 

Watch this space! :)