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Going “‘Poo-Free”: Is It for Me?

I’m a bit of a hair ho (i.e., I’ll try almost anything with my hair) so I live in constant terror that my hair will one day get tired of all the abuse and just abandon me.

This is why every other day or so, my husband has to go through this “soapy opera” scene where I rush out of the bathroom in a panic, clutching strands of fallen hair and dramatically proclaiming that I’m balding.

Oh yeah… let’s not forget that there are quite a few hair-challenged people on my Mom’s side of the family…

So I worry. I do. I think I’ve bought every brand of hair-fall shampoo available.

Then I read this article about going ‘Poo-Free … and I was fascinated. And kind of repulsed.

Okay, fine. I admit the article first drew me because when I read “Poo-free” I thought the writer meant actual poo — so I wasn’t really as repulsed as I originally expected to be.

So I read up on it even more. According to SimpleMom (aka Mrs. Poo-Free, in my head) shampoo is a harsh, evil detergent, chock-full of chemicals which poison our bodies. AHA! Also, it’s much more expensive than her poo-free alternative… baking soda and vinegar.  

And as gunky and gross as the concept sounds, I have to say I got a little curious. 

Like I said… HAIR HO.  

So I went off to the kitchen and grabbed my ingredients… and then suddenly alarm bells started going off in my head!!!

Isn’t baking soda supposed to make baked goods RISE?  

And don’t I live in a superhot country that pretty much resembles an OVEN???

It may be all fine and dandy for Americans and other cool-climate citizens to go poo-free, but if I do it in the PHILIPPINES, who’s to say I won’t end up looking like this???

And let’s not forget about all the potential problems with the vinegar…  

Okay but wait… maybe the baking soda doubles as a deodorizer? Is that how this dynamic duo works??



I’m losing more hair just thinking about it. So if you have any input, I’d greatly appreciate it.  

In the meantime, I think I’ll have a snack. I’m seriously craving cupcakes and chicharon right now.