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Being Kind Is More Powerful Than You Realize

I read a lovely article on Thought Catalog today called 20 Truths That Can Change Everything in Your Life (read it, it’s great) and although I heartily agreed with all of them, there was one that really stood out for me


I think it hit me harder than the rest because I’ve been seeing it over and over in the past couple of weeks, working on two different fundraisers for friends with cancer. Here are some pics from one of them - the Battle for the Bags auction - which was held last week:


(Pics c/o Yvette Fernandez. Thanks, Yvette!)

Oh and here’s a drawing I made while I was there, to entertain a cute kid who was hanging out with me by the cashier’s table.


It was such a blast. More than that though, it was such a strong testament to how many little kindnesses (from bag donations, to spreading the word, to bidding and buying to support a good cause) can add up to bring about an amazing and life-changing result. 

The same applies to the other fundraiser I’m working on now with another group of friends, which is a raffle. Every day, new prize donations come in (amazing ones at that) and we’ve already raised hundreds of thousands of pesos in ticket sales. And the tickets aren’t even printed yet. 


Mild ticket-stress aside, it’s such an amazing and awe-inspiring experience. And if I’M feeling this way just as a friend helping out, you can just imagine how the actual beneficiaries feel. 

Little kindnesses. They take so little effort - sometimes even just the click of a button - but added up, they make such a big difference. They really are more powerful than we realize.

So let’s go out there and do something kind todayBecause just as negativity is contagious, kindness is too. And if we all spread it around — who knows how far it could go? 

Have a great day, everyone! Go forth and be kind. :)

The Art of the Fart and Depart (An Illustrated Game Plan)

I’m pretty used to my own type of blogging — with all the doodles — so even when I read other people’s blogs I sometimes illustrate them in my head. In some cases, I actually do draw them for real, but I haven’t done that in a while … until today. Because Kat George’s Thought Catalog post on The Art of the Fart and Depart was just too funny to ignore. 


Yes, as unladylike as it may be, I’m a sucker for funny stories about embarrassing bodily functions. 

It started like this:

One of the most terrifying feelings you can have in an otherwise entirely mundane public scenario is instinctively knowing the fart threatening to breach your butthole has been stewing in the sulphurous bowels of hell for the past millennia, and is intent on emerging RIGHT EFFING NOW to rain locusts and vengeance upon the earth and its unsuspecting denizens.

OMG. Hilarious. I was hooked. And then it went on to lay out a very well-thought out “Fart and Depart” strategy that I think everyone can relate to/benefit from. So here goes… 

The Art of the Fart and Depart (An Illustrated Game Plan)


Take a look around with your Terminator eyes (you know, the ones where everything is red and little squares hone in on important details). Where are the closest exits? Can you mark a mental escape route in your head? Are you going to be able to move fast enough so that the smell doesn’t follow you? Most importantly, is there someone nearby you can pin this on?


It’s imperative that you leave the fart with someone that looks like they could have done it. A petite little girl with shiny hair and a pretty smile is not going to work; people look at her and think she poops rose petals, which is going to make everyone hate you even more for farting on her. Look for people that look drunk or who are eating McDonalds or any other fast food that might lead to irritable bowels. Huge men are also great, especially dudes that look like sports fans, because people just expect huge sports fans to be pretty uncouth generally. Crying babies are always a perfect scapegoat too; they might be small but babies are the worst offenders when it comes to diaper smells, and the crying just makes it all the more believable that the dumb baby crapped its pants.


Now, once you’ve chosen your mark, everything else comes down to timing. Wait for the subway doors to open and let it go, hard and fast. Or if you’re in a situation you can’t physically remove yourself from, get nice and close to the chump who’s going to take the fart hit for you and squeeze it out, being sure to turn to your neighbor as the smell permeates waving your hand in front of your face and throwing disgusted sideways glances at the frat bro you’re pinning your awfulness on.


In the worst case scenario, when there’s no one to take the blame, you have one option, and one option only. Unleash and run. Drop your bomb, keep your chin up, and hightail out of there. 


You might not be able to return to the scene of the crime (like do you really want the bodega guy to know you as “Fart Girl”?), but you will have escaped with a portion of your dignity intact. OK, I’m lying. At least you will have escaped.

OMG I’m still laughing. :D

You can read the whole article here. Enjoy! :)

Random Things to Read on Other Blogs Today

I woke up way too early today because I had one of those dreams where you wake up mad at your husband but you can’t really remember why. 


So while I’m a little too groggy to actually write anything for my own blog, I did get to read a whole bunch of other blogs this morning, so here are my random 3 picks for the day.

THE GOOD:  For a feel-good fix, head on over to Thought Catalog and read The One Ingredient Necessary for Accepting Yourself.  


It’s one of the most insightful and enlightening posts I’ve read in a long time, and as my friend Racquel says — if you only have time to read one thing today, this should be it. Bravo, David Cain. 

THE BAD:  Please note This post on The Spoiled Mummy is not really BAD bad — just bad if you’re on a diet. :)  If you’re not, it’s pretty frakking awesome. Same applies to pretty much any post on her blog.

My friend Miguel and I were discussing food options for a dinner party, and I sent him to go look at TSM’s Noche Buena 2012 post to check out the dishes she ordered for Christmas Eve. Go check it out it too, because YUM. Also,  BONELESS LECHON


So yeah, I guess you know what we’ll be ordering for sure. :) Like I said, so bad… but so good. (I honestly think that should be the tagline of The Spoiled Mummy’s blog.)

And finally… 

THE UGLY:  My niece Anna shared this link from Chronicles of a Nursing Mom on Facebook, which is good, because I would never have seen it otherwise. (I mean it’s not as if I go around reading blogs about breastfeeding on a regular basis, right?) 

Anyway… Someone found some gross curdled mass of mystery at the bottom of a Nestle Milk carton!! Eeeeewww!

According to the Nursing Mom’s client:

After consuming the contents of 1 of the cartons, our yaya was surprised that the carton was still a bit heavy. She shook the carton & there was still something inside. Upon opening, we discovered a large foreign object inside. It was white, as wide and as long as the carton and about 3 inches tall, as you can see in the picture below. Upon close inspection, we still were not sure what it was. Seemed like it was plastic, paper, tissue & curdled milk all mushed into 1 piece. 

There’s a pic of the curdled mass of mystery here. I can’t even look at it because every time I even think about it I start to retch.


I’m not even exaggerating. There’s nothing that makes me want to barf more than the thought of drinking something and discovering an unwelcome surprise at the bottom of the container

So BLARG. And BLECCCH. While I’m sure there isn’t a mystery mass in every Nestle carton, it should serve as a precautionary tale to everyone — Check for gross things in containers before consuming. Always. 

And that’s it. What did you read online today? Feel free to share your good, bad and/or ugly picks in the comments! :)