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Email, Anyone? Anyone? Okay Whatever.

Hey, guess what? I have a new email subscription thingy on my blog. 


I didn’t really think I needed one, because I personally never subscribe to blog subscription lists myself. I get WAY too much email already as it is.  But my friend Shelly posted a blog the other day called Your Tumblr Blog: Why I Hate It — and because I’m apparently pretty paranoid, I immediately assumed she was referring to mine. 


Okay, just so you know — she really wasn’t. 

Anyway Shelly’s main complaint about Tumblr blogs was that you couldn’t subscribe to them by email. And true enough, when I checked I realized this was true. (Well, for my theme and most others, at least. And I really don’t want to have to go and change.)

Shelly had a point. I kind of assumed that everyone was like me — I use Flipboard or Twitter to keep up with the blogs I like — but different people do have different preferences when it comes to their blog reading. And if you can accommodate them, why not, right? 

So HA! A challenge! I couldn’t resist. So that’s where my morning went. DONE. Try hatin’ on my Tumblr now, Shelly. :) 

I could go into the whole process of how I set it up and blahblahblah, but I’m sure most of you don’t really need this info. (If you do, just ask me. I used Mailchimp - because it’s all sorts of awesome).  And please don’t take this as a request to sign up if you really don’t have to. If you already have access to my posts via another channel ( Twitter, or my Facebook page, or a reader or whatever) - don’t bother.

But if you’re like Shelly and prefer the Inbox route — or if you just want to check out my mad email skillz, go for it.  Let’s be email buds. :)

Have a happy weekend, everyone!  

Tumblr Downtime. Gone Fishing… or Whatever.

So it seems Tumblr will be down for maintenance today…

And the hubby just went off to attend some whole day seminar…

Plus it’s Saturday and there’s no work, so I guess we all know what this means… 

(There I go again with the improbable cartwheels.)

Yeah, that’s right, I’m taking a ME DAY! YAY!

So excited. What to do, what do do… hmmm… my usual Saturday stuff?

Or maybe a long, gluttonous lunch with a gal pal?

Hmmm. I should probably get my gift closet organized to prep for Christmas…

But BAH - scrap that, too much work. I should just go hit the spa!!!


All this freedom is kind of stressful.

Well, whatever I end up doing, I’m sure it will be GLORIOUS. 

So until tomorrow then, my friends… (or whenever Tumblr comes back up)…

Hope you have a glorious Saturday too!

Site to See: Rich Kids of Instagram (a.k.a. ‘The Kidnappers’ Guide to the Score of a Lifetime’)

I was up really early this morning because I had this nightmare about getting married to the Prince of Wales (who wasn’t Charles, btw, but William - except hotter and with more hair). It was kind of stressful because I wasn’t dressed properly, and half the time I didn’t even know how I got there or what I was supposed to do.

You know those dreams where you have a test or a prom or something to go to, and you’re really stressed out because you’re not prepared - and sometimes even naked? Yeah, this was an upgraded, super delusional - not to mention bigamous - version of that. 

I was wondering how my brain even went there, and I realized it was probably because I discovered this Tumblr blog last night called Rich Kids of Instagram

Basically RKOI reposts all these Instagram pics of the kids of gazillionaires - and I have to say it’s kind of mind-blowing, with snaps of luxury cars, mansions, $100k+ bills from nights out, jewelry and even customized designer guns.

Well, I think we all know the answer to that…


You all need to check it out. It’s fascinating in a “Gosh I think I hate you because I’m jealous of your wealth, youth and good looks, but at the same time I’m really concerned for your safety now” type of way. 

And if you’re a parent, it’s a good wake up call to watch out for what your kids are sharing with the rest of the world. Because there are a lot of weirdos out there, and I think kids today tend to forget that in this age of internet oversharing. 

So pay attention, parents!

And with that word of warning, I think I’ll go back to RKOI and see what those crazy rich kids are up to now.

Fascinating, I tell you.